11th April 2018

Today I woke up really early in Liverpool – on holiday – looking forward to going to the Arriva Traincare Depot  in Crewe. I was allowed to go and see it after writing in to them, telling them about my website and asking if I could go and have a look.

We drove down to Crewe ready to go and have a look round the depot. We drove down to the depot only to discover that there was a mainline railway – the West Coast mainline. We were sat in front of  a manually operated gate waiting for the 1110 train to come pass. It was running late so we were sat there for a good half an hour just waiting for the gate to open. It eventually opened at 11:30 and we could go to the car park of the depot.

Mark met us in the car park of the depot with high-viz jackets and a hard cap. He took us to reception to get our visitor badges and sign us in. We were then taken to a man called Gavin who works at the depot and gave us a safety briefing about all of the dangers of the depot. He gave us a little walk around telling us about all of the dangers.

Mark came and found us and took us for a walk around the depot. He first showed us the light maintenance – this department is where the trains get washed, dried, tested and cleaned inside before moving to the fuelling, water filling and sewage emptying section. He took us over to a class 350 which had broken down a few days earlier, I was even allowed to sit in the drivers seat of the train. The window was so small I could hardly see.

Mark then took us over to the wheel lathe workshop which is where they repair wheels on trains. It is one of its kind as it has a double axial facility. He then showed us outside and a class 68 came down and stopped I was allowed to go inside the train and have a peak inside the cab. We then went back to the Heavy maintenance area where trains get completely stripped right back it its body. I saw an Arriva Trains Wales being completely stripped and two class 170’s being repainted and ready to have the transfers stuck on them. We saw the new paint workshop facility where trains get painted and then look brand new.

Mark took us up to his office where he gave me some Arriva Traincare memorabilia for me to take. We then went back to reception and singed out. We walked back to the car and luckily the gate was open this time.

Thank you Mark and the team at Arriva Traincare Crewe for making my day amazing! 

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