13th February 2018

Today my Mum took me train spotting at Gloucester station as it is half term for me. It was pretty cold and wet so we had to wrap up warm with gloves and scarves. We stopped off on the way  to the station to get tea and snacks for our train spotting(I have to keep my mum happy!). During the hour and a half we were sat at the station- train spotting- I saw 7 trains! There was a bit of excitement at the station which held up the trains. The GWR train to London Paddington couldn’t open the train doors as there was no train manager on-board, so everyone had to wait on the platform until the train manger arrived! The reason why the train manger was delayed was that there had been a landslide in Bristol.  Therefore the train manger was getting a taxi from Bristol to Gloucester. The train arrived at 12:48, so was a bit early early, as it was due out at 12:52. People were starting to crowd around the doors of the class 43 (43142 and 43092). On board the train there were only the two drivers but no-one else was on the train. At long last the train manager appeared so the train doors could now open, by this time it was 13:01. A member of the platform team had a bit of an outburst and slammed one of the doors shut after a customer on board the train started shouting at him about the delay. The train finally departed at 13:08. Not long after we left for home as we were freezing!

The class 43 with no train manger:

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