15th August 2018

Today I woke up really early, really excited because today I was going to York in First Class (LNER). I was staying in the Hilton in Gateshead, Newcastle. The reason why I always stay there is because you can look over all the railway lines from your hotel room! AMAZING!!! We went down for breakfast and had a light breakfast as I knew I was going to have a breakfast on the train. We walked out of the hotel and walked 10 minutes to Newcastle Central Station. As we had first class tickets we went straight to the LNER first class lounge in Newcastle. I had a bottle of water and as I was drinking my water a white train pulled into the station. I had seen the same train last night an IET!! It was LNER’s AZUMA train! As the AZUMA train pulled out the station our train came in straight afterwards! I was now very excited now as it was my first ever trip in LNER’s first class. We went to the coach K stand as we were in coach K, our carriage was almost empty! The lady came round who offers you all the food and I ordered a bacon roll and my mum and dad ordered a light breakfast which consisted of yogurt, jam and a croissant. We carried on down the East Coast Mainline to York we got off at York and did a few minutes trainspotting I saw some Northern, LNER and TransPennine Express trains. We then walked across the bridge to the York Railway Museum. It wasn’t open when I arrived so I had to wait a few minutes before I could enter the railway museum. We arrived into the museum and went to the Station Hall we sat down on a sofa a relaxed for a bit before I decided to go off and explore. I walked around the station hall and found all the locomotives in the station hall. Then I  went outside and found that the steam train was departing (That was lucky!) I moved onto the Great Hall and had a look round this hall and found a lot of interesting locomotives including Eurostar, an IET, a HST and a lot of steam locomotives! I was there just in time for turntable demonstration. I then went up to the viewing platform for a few minutes and then looked back down on the museums own workshop it was very interesting. We then all went back to museum shop and bought a rail atlas I would highly recommend it. We walked back to the station and had some lunch. We walked back over to the other platforms to find our train. It was running 15 minutes late! Luckily while I was waiting I saw the same AZUMA (800201). We got back on the train and found out our coach was missing from the train so we had to be moved around into a different coach! We were split up but luckily we found a table seat to all sit at! We returned to Newcastle. All in all it was a amazing good day

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