23rd March 2018

Today after school I went to Gloucester station by bus from the outskirts of Gloucester. At Gloucester station we were going into Swindon today, and tomorrow I am off to London Paddington (see blog 24th March 2018). At Gloucester station we caught the 1643 train to London Paddington calling at Stonehouse, Stroud, Kemble and Swindon. We traveled as first class passengers (as we managed to get a cheap advance single) on a class 43. It felt like nothing I have ever travelled on before as I have only ever travelled first class on the new class 800. I would personally recommend the class 43 first class over the class 800 first class as it feels more luxurious than the class 800. I met Kelly on the train who was really friendly and interested in what I was doing – I gave her one of my website cards which I have created. When we arrived at Swindon there were two freight trains parked outside Swindon station – which I guessed were carrying materials for the engineering works the next day.

It was an action packed evening full of adventure!

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