30th July 2018

Today I woke up really early because I was going to London Kings Cross on a train driver simulator and I was going to have a station tour of Kings Cross. We drove to Theale to catch our train to London Paddington. We stopped off at Sainsbury’s to have a cooked breakfast it was just outside the station and we were there early. We finished our breakfast and drove to Theale Station. As we arived we found that the car park was full. We had to drive into the town centre and we found a car park which was very cheap car parking for the station (about a ten minute walk to the station). As we arrived we had to buy our train tickets. Once we had bought them we could get straight on the train as it was at the platform. We called Reading West, Reading and London Paddington. We went on the tube to London Kings Cross (10-15 minutes). When we arrived we went into St Pancras International and saw some southeastern, EuroStar, East Midlands Trains and Thameslink. We then walked over to Kings Cross Station and did some trainspotting I saw LNER, Grand Central, Hull Trains and Thameslink. When we walked down to an office and said we were here for a train driver simulator. We went up to the simulator block and the lady took me in. I dove a class 800 from Stevenage Station to Peterborough Station. A man, a train driver simulator instructor and explained to me how all the controls work. It is very similar to Train Simulator East Coast Main Line London-Peterborough. It was like driving a real train just on a simulator it was AMAZING!! We then walked back down to the office and went up to the station manger’s office and took us round the station showing us things that you wouldn’t usually think of being interesting. One thing he did show us that was different was the delivery store and entrance – it was very secure and couldn’t get in without a pass. We walked back up above ground and did some more trainspotting before going to have some lunch. We went to Franco Manca for lunch which is just outside Kings Cross Station and it was really nice. We walked back down to the tube station and got a tube back to London Paddington. We caught a train to Reading from Paddington and then Reading to Theale it was a nice train journey back.

Thank you to LNER for the simulator experience and Network Rail for the station tour.


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