Exeter St. Davids has 6 platforms – really only 5 as platform 6 is merged with platform 5. It has got good facilities as it has got food and drink, places to keep warm like a waiting room – which is merged into the GWR control room. It has got reasonable visibility, as if a train is on a certain platform you can’t see the trains behind.

I recommend that you stand on the middle platform, as if you stand on platform 1 you could get one train that would block your vision. The station has a level crossing which has about 5 lines that cross over it. It is quite an old station which means it is still in its old First Great Western colours at the moment.

Common classes of trains include class 153’s, 159’s and class 43’s.

Don’t forget to look out for the Exeter Depot – in 2019 it is getting a new more modern depot.