Gloucester station is within walking distance of the city center. It has good parking facilities, on-site and public car parks nearby.

It’s an old station which is sill in its old First Great Western colours, e.g blue and gold, there are some beautiful paintings and architecture at the station.

There are 4 platforms used for passenger trains. Platforms 1 and 2 and 4 are regularly used. However, platform 3 is rarely used and most of the trains that come onto that platform terminate there and just go back, not picking up passengers. The station is owned by GWR however Cross-Country and Arriva stop at the station. The most common classes to go through the station are 43’s, 170’s and 153’s. If you were at the station all day you would see a fair amount of freight trains (class 66’s) and Network rail units, although most freight pass by the station in the early morning or late evening.

Generally there is good visibility of all trains without too much running around – it is only for trains at platform 1 that you need to walk a short distance.

You can get a light refreshment at the station (to keep whoever you are taking train spotting, or just you, a nice warm drink and snack).