A video of a class 158:

A video of my train announcement: (see blog 15th February)

A video of a slideshow of my train photos:

A video of a class 166:

The model railway show in Swindon:

A video of a class 390 entering Coventry Station :

A class 221 pulling out of Birmingham International:

A class 390 coming into Coventry:


A ride on the pod at Birmingham International:

Class 68 departing Birmingham Moor Street Station:

Two class 172’s leaving Birmingham Moor Street Station (look at my luck!!!):

Class 43 leaving Swindon Station:

Class 332 leaving Paddington Station:

Class 387 leaving Paddington Station:

Class 387 pulling into Paddington Station:

Station announcement at Maidenhead Station:

A ride on the pods at Heathrow:

*RARE* Class 43 NMT Flying Banana at Doncaster 2018:

*RARE* Class 68 (68010) out of Newcastle Gateshead Hilton window:

*RARE* AZUMA@IEP Depot Doncaster 2018:

Class 800 AZUMA at York Station:

Class 800 (AZUMA) in Newcastle Central Station: